Cleverly simple reduction of your fuel bills & carbon emissions
for every application including lighting, heating, timer & Hob controls

University utilising energy control solutions
busy student studying in a student accommodation room

Prefect Controls design and manufacture economic energy saving control systems for electric & wet heating systems, Lighting including light level control and presence absence detection utilizing PIR and microwave detection technology and time controls limiting run times, for instance hot water tanks and hob timer switches.

PRE5003e ecostat touch adjust 3 stage temperature limiting tamperproof thermostat



Prefect Controls design and manufacture economic energy saving controls for heating, hot water and lighting systems

We specialise in energy management systems for buildings with a variable occupancy pattern such as Student accommodation, Hotels, Offices, Public buildings, Schools and Hospitals among others.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry,  we will undertake complete system design, commissioning and maintenance on large or small installations, helping to regain control over increasing energy usage and costs, whilst reducing the buildings overall environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint.

At Prefect Controls we closely interact with building developers, architects electrical contractors building owners, building managers and finally the end user.
From our experience we have ensured all of our products reduce energy cost and environmental impact with minimal disruption during both installation and any disruption to the end user.

We have developed a range of thermostats that monitor the current occupancy level of the room, and react to achieve significant savings whist keeping the end user in a comfortable environment.

Our range of lighting controls utilise various types of detection technology to ensure energy is not wasted when areas of the building are unoccupied. Utilising passive infra-red or PIR and microwave technology the lighting can be held at a lower level or disconnected completely when lighting is not required ensuring that no energy is wasted.

Working closely with universities, we have learned how important that a clear simple easy to operate control is crucial, we also found from our relationships with site managers that a simply easy to use control will remove complaints and confuse on how a control functions.

Fundamentally all of our products are designed from the ground up, to simply save, monitor, manage, maintain and provide a cleverly simple control solution.


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