The Problem

Providing an energy-saving solution for space and water heating systems

The Solution

PRE5003 comfort/setback room thermostat, PRE9280-UNI


Cherry Court is an integral part Bristol city centre regeneration programme, providing easy access to the universities of Bristol and the West of England. Completed in 2004, the innovative accommodation complex’s striking design employed exciting, contemporary construction methods.

Prefect Controls worked closely with the UNITE Group which built and managed the complex, throughout the development phase. The accommodation would house 176 students, with each room boasting an en suite bathroom. UNITE Group brought Prefect Controls on board to solve a key issue. With so many people in one building, the development team needed to ensure that the building was as energy efficient, and cost effective, as it could be by managing the space and water heating systems.

Having worked on high-profile, large scale projects like this is the past, Prefect Controls quickly identified the technology needed. The unique PRE5003 touch activated comfort/setback room thermostat provided occupants with a warm and comfortable environment, whilst significantly lowering the running costs. The PRE9280-UNI control was applied to reduce the energy used on heating water.

The expertise of the team at Prefect Controls, and their understanding of client needs, meant that they were able to suggest and implement a conservation package which would make a space more environmentally friendly, and cost efficient. The working partnership with UNITE has meant that the company continues to provide first class, self-contained facilities for the students of today, and the future.