Handset Firmware


Click the link below to download the latest firmware

Updating PRE5901 software

1. Download the latest software from the link below. The software is in the form of a Zip file. Ensure that you computer can Unzip this type of file.

2. Unzip the file and copy the contents (HS_Data.cfg and HS_Fw.hex files) to the root of a USB flash drive.

3. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the Handset.

4. Turn on the handset. Press and hold the home key to return to the main menu, enter the config menu and scroll down to ’To Bootloader’. Press Enter (or Right) to select. The Handset will turn off.

5. Hold down ‘Delete’ while pressing ‘On/Off’. The handset will reboot then read the USB flash drive and start the update process. If the update process does not start and the handset displays “connect USB stick” the memory stick is not compatible, repeat the steps above using a different memory stick.

6.Progress is shown. Do not remove USB drive while in progress.

7. At the end, the handset restarts and displays the home menu.

8. Remove the USB flash drive. Press shift and help together, this will display the current firmware version, check this matches the latest version available on the website if it does the handset is now up to date.

For more detailed instructions please see the PRE5901 instruction manual: