Prefect Has Lot 20 under control

Lot20 is EU Ecodesign legislation that applies to electric heating. EU 2015/1188 comes into force from January 2018. All subsequent installations will have to comply with a minimum efficiency standard of the Energy Efficiency Directive. The focus is on removing poorly controlled heaters from the market and replacing them with controls that feature temperature, timer, presence and open window detection features among others.

As a control company Prefect, has for many years, championed the use of clever controls, recognising their ability to reduce energy consumption and therefore carbon emissions, and as a result welcome any advance in control technology. The important part to understand of this legislation, is that heaters fitted with basic controls will no longer be permissible, but that doesn’t mean the control unit has to be integrated. Prefect has two alternative control methods to a fully integrated controlled panel heater, which more than comply with the directives for functionality of Lot 20.
Firstly, the Prefect Ecostat2 range of controls is supplied with a bespoke slave heater.

Lot 20 compliant Atlantic no controls electric panel heater for use with ecostat2 and Prefectirus central control

No controls electric panel heater for use with ecostat2 or Prefectirus. When used inconjuction with either controls the heater will comply with EU Lot 20 ecodesign Legislation from January 2018.

This option provides complete control as a result of its tried and tested tamper proof design and impressive range of features. The specifications required under EU law are far exceeded with the impressive Ecostat2 range. This master control, fitted separately from the panel, also makes sense from a future-proofing perspective, enabling upgrades and new innovations to be taken advantage of more affordably, by simply replacing the control unit. The other Option from Prefect is their central control system. Prefectirus provides all the benefits of a BMS, without the complexity or need for a qualified operative in the likes of student accommodation installations. Heating, lighting, water temperature, sound and humidity levels are all monitored, measured and managed via the central control system from anywhere in the world with internet access. Again this option exceeds the requirements laid down in Lot 20. With more than 20 years experience of manufacturing energy efficient control systems, Prefect is in the perfect position to ensure customers are fully compliant with this welcomed legislation, and are installing the logical, cost-effective and efficient option. The new Lot 20 compliant packages from Prefect, that include the slave heater along with control from either Ecostat2 or as part of the Prefectirus system, will be available from November 2017.

EU Lot 20 Ecodesign EU 2015/1188 compliant electric heating controls

Our Range of EU Lot 20 Compliant Intelligent thermostats, Prefectirus our central control system and our new range of local control thermostats ecostat2. When used with a slave electric heater these thermostats comply with the new legislation starting from January 2018

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