The Problem

Creating a cost and energy efficient lighting and heating solution

The Solution

PRE5004 comfort setback thermostats, PRE3203 PIR Activated Time and Temperature Control


The University of West England’s student campus at Frenchay has recently been completed, costing £80m. The impressive complex includes a new sports centre, cinema facilities and health care centre.

Prefect Controls was involved in the development of the project from the beginning, working with the construction team, including the university’s energy manager. The collective needed to install systems which would control lighting and heating for the entire site, while minimizing the use of energy and keeping the accommodation’s carbon footprint as reduced as possible.

With energy saving and cost reduction at the forefront of Prefect Controls’ agenda, the team installed the PRE5004 comfort setback thermostats to control heating, and the PRE3203 PIR lighting switch, ensuring no energy could be wasted when the room was unoccupied.

The two systems installed in communal areas, as well as student rooms was a large undertaking, but Prefect Controls rose to the task at hand and helped the university reach it’s cost and energy-saving goal.