The Problem

Controlling temperature in a quick, cost effective way

The Solution

The PRE2000 Central Control


This stylish, modernised central London hotel can be found in the heart of the popular and thriving Camden Town, directly overlooking Regent’s Canal.

Despite being recently renovated, all of the lavish 130 rooms had a somewhat ‘low tech’ approach to heating and cooling. Existing controls relied on a local room thermostat, and manual switch to select heating or cooling. This left the system working at maximum capacity when many rooms were empty, incurring unnecessary costs for the hotel.

Prefect Controls was commissioned to solve this problem. The company decided to install a central control system, which allowed the hotel management team to control the rooms individually, while integrating the new control with the existing plant.

The PRE2000 was installed in just 12 weeks, with little or no disruption to guests in this busy hotel. Management can now select an occupied, or unoccupied setting for each room, adjust temperatures, and view the overall status, with the touch of a button.