The Problem

Providing an efficient and cost effective heating package

The Solution

PRE5003 comfort/setback room thermostat, PRE9280-UNI boost timer


Newarke Point is an imposing development situated adjacent to the river, offering the very best in student accommodation in this bustling East Midlands city. The impressive design has become a part of the area’s skyline and is conveniently located on the edge of the De Montford University campus.

Prefect Controls worked in partnership with the UK’s leading provider of student accommodation, the UNITE Group. One of the key elements in the development of this building was always going to be how to manage the temperature for so many rooms in a cost effective and environmentally sound way.

Prefect Controls’ experience in this field proved invaluable on this project as the expert team was able to recognise the need for a programmable time and temperature management system. Working with UNITE Group, Prefect Controls perfected a simple, low-cost way to limit energy wastage by using efficient space and water heating systems.

Using proven technology, the PRE5003 touch activated programmable comfort/setback thermostat was able to provide occupants with a comfortable environment in which to live, work and socialise. The PRE9280-UNI boost timer was installed to ensure that piping hot water was always readily available.

By carefully assessing what the project needed, the team at Prefect Controls was able to work with UNITE Group and provide a solution that didn’t just work straight away, but would continue to keep the building’s carbon footprint as small as possible well into the future.