The PRE9700 is a 230V supply and 12V switched window switch disconnect unit. The PRE9700 is designed to disconnect a heating load when a window is opened and recommence the heating load when the window is closed. the PRE9700 is compatible with all of the ecostat range.

The PRE9700 is designed to be used in conjunction with any of the prefect controls range of heating products. When connected to an appropriate window switch (not supplied) the unit will disconnect the supply to the connected load when the switch contacts are opened.
The unit is supplied by 230V AC from the controlling thermostat. The unit supplies a 12V supply feed to an appropriate switch. When the 12V circuit is closed the relay will be closed powering the heating system, when the circuit is open i,e the window is open the relay will open disconnecting the supply to the heater until the window is closed.


  • Terminal connections
    230V AC 50Hz Live, Neutral supply
    12V output and return via window
    Neutral output, switched Live output to
  • Switches loads up to 16A resistive
  • 230V AC at 50Hz supply
  • Standard single gang plate
  • Integrated 12V transformer & relay