Prefect Irus – simply put – is a system that is capable of providing integrated control and monitoring of heating, lighting ventilation and other key functions from any convenient central location.

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Prefect Irus might be classified as a “mini” BEMS in so much as the functions under control represent the vital building services. However it offers the benefit of being very easy to use and, because of its’ mains borne signalling operation, is very low cost. Furthermore it enables management to set and monitor comfort and ‘sleep’ temperatures whilst controlling time profiles in each bedroom separately. This level of localised control over individual rooms is not possible with other building management systems despite their obvious capabilities in larger premises such as shopping malls, airport terminals or sports complexes.

When installed into a Hotel, Irus is able to integrate into “front-of-house” management software allowing for automated control of the rooms heating. For student accommodation the system allows the onsite management team to tailor the time temperature profile to achieve the maximum energy saving possible, whilst providing a comfortable living environment. Irus building interface unit is simply connected to the building power supply and a broadband internet connection. The systems clever software then allows secure access from anywhere, in the event of a failure at any point – essential building services are able to continue operating locally under manual control.

Additionally a diagnostic program is included to highlight fault finding and speed up maintenance.Two-way communication is standard with Irus, so status reports on temperature or boost conditions in any room is available through the password protected “engineer program”, The Irus engineering status screen allows quick diagnostic of heating, lighting or even cooling for each location. Because Irus is a software driven package, it has the ability to provide bespoke features which might incorporate temperature sensing, humidity sensing, lux sensing, smoke detection or almost any other external trigger.Each installation would be setup to meet the unique requirements of the client. Full system training for reception staff and maintenance personnel is provided after commissioning and a copy of the “as installed” data package will be given to the client and a copy retained by Prefect for future maintenance or update purposes.

Prefect Irus is a truly versatile and highly effective management tool that offers benefits in reduced energy consumption, lower Climate Change tax charges, increased control over maximum room temperatures and a reliable way of ensuring that rooms are not heated excessively during vacant hours; lighting is switched accurately during darkness; ventilation can be controlled to provide comfortable conditions throughout.

Prefectirus Central control thermostatic head
  • Convenient control and monitoring of essential building services from any host PC.
  • Software designed to be fully compatible with “front-of-house” PMS packages – automatic guest recognition, so no additional procedures required on the part of reception personnel.
  • Addressable “nodes” able to control heating, lighting, ventilation, hot water, as well as many other critical functions.
  • Simple and quick to install and easy to maintain, additional command wiring is not required.
  • MBS (Mains Borne Signalling) technology is reliable and low cost – less than a third of the cost per sq. metre of traditional Building Management Systems.
  • Management are able to reset room conditions quickly and accurately by individual room or a whole floor. Should a program have been modified for any reason, an automatic default to standard settings ensures optimal economy upon departure of that guest.
  • Two-way communication enables management to interrogate “nodes” for room conditions and detect manual override. A diagnostic function enables maintenance to locate and identify fault conditions quickly.
  • Screen layouts can be written in a format to suit client requirements.
  • Password protection is standard to prevent unauthorised access to management program or maintenance screens.
  • Modem links allow external monitoring from remote locations.