This simple to use Electric Flow Boiler boost control is designed to provide a manual boost facility for time periods and program settings not covered by the boiler’s Off-Peak supply tariff.

In simple terms, when OFF-PEAK energy is not available the control allows on-peak electricity to energize the flow boiler through a manually activated run timer (PRE9863TBC), thus allowing the user to boost their heating throughout the day ifrequired. The Flow Boiler control is supplied with two components – the switching unit (PRE9863FBC-HS) and the push button control (PRE9863TBC) – normally sited in a convenient remote location. The system will switch boilers up to 12 kW rating..

  • Remote boost time function
  • Suitable for boilers up to12kW
  • Dimensions: (PRE9863FBC-HS) –  240 x 190 x 90mm (sizes may vary)
  • Dimensions: (PRE9863TBC) – Single Gang
  • 230V AC at 50hZ