The all new PRE5204ec2 replaces the hugely successful ecostat model adding new features for enhance energy saving, The all new functions include window open detection, 7 day programmable clock and opti-start feature ensures the room is at temperature when required.

these new features add further scope for energy savings and occupant comfort. The ecostat2 range is also fully lot 20 compliant.

The ecostat2 has a complete range of features, the PRE5204ec2 combines operational  efficiency with guest comfort. The PRE5204ec2 has the ability to be programmed with a wide variety of temperature and time parameters to suite all situations. these settings are saved in the internal non volatile memory making the thermostat tamper-proof, the end user can only use the thermostat within pre-set parameters. The tamperproof technology means settings cannot be changed by the end user ensuring predicted energy savings are achieved. All settings can be pre-programmed at point of manufacture insuring continuity and making installation quick and easy. Settings are programmed using a simple to use infrared handset the PRE5901. The PRE5901 programming handset allows management to alter settings locally without the need to touch the thermostat so should there be a need to make a change to settings this can be achieved quickly, easily and securely. Along with the temperature and time setting the programming handset can be used to enable or disable certain features making the PRE5204ec2 extremely flexible and suitable for most situations.

The PRE5204ec2 has the use of an integrated PIR detector giving the thermostat an eye into the room. Utilizing the PIR technology the thermostat can obtain if the room is occupied and heat accordingly. The thermostat can detect either presence or absence, when set to presence mode the thermostat will automatically recognize presence and boost the temperature to comfort mode until the room becomes unoccupied or the time run expires. When set to absence mode the thermostat will remain dormant until the up button is pressed, the thermostat will maintain temperature until absence is detected, at which point the temperature levels will be reduced, saving energy while maintaining occupant comfort.  

New features include window open detection software. The thermostat monitors room temperature and looks for sharp drops in temperature, when a sudden temperature drop is detected the heating output is limited to 50%, the thermostat will pulse the LED’s indicating window open restriction is active. when the window is closed a simple button press returns the unit to normal operation. For ultimate flexibility the parameters are fully adjustable to suit every room. This feature can be completely disabled via the programming handset should the feature not be required.

Another new aspect is a 2 event 7  day Programmable clock feature. Two events can be pre-programmed per day, each day can have a different start time that will trigger the boost cycle. Opti-start is a further advancement that works with the clock function to compliment guest comfort. When enabled the Opti-start will learn the thermal dynamics of the room discovering how long the room takes to heat, with this information opti-start can heat the room prior to the event time meaning the room is at the requested temperature at the event time.  

All this may seem complex, but from your guests perspective it could not be simpler, the PRE5204ec2 has a simple cool to warm LED scale and simple up and down buttons making the control cleverly simple.

All these features allow you to balance guest comfort whilst insuring energy is not wasted. The all new PRE5204ec2 Cleverly simple!

  • Terminal connections Live, Neutral supply Common, Normally open (link supplied for mains output) 230V AC 50Hz Live boost trigger
  • Switches loads up to 16A resistive
  • 230V AC at 50Hz supply
  • Standard single gang plate
  • User temperature adjustment
  • 7 day auto-on event time clock function with opti-start
  • Set temperature & active indicators
  • Tamper-proof Infra-red programming via the PRE5901 programming handset (available separately)
  • Open window deactivation
  • Lot 20 Compliant 

Don’t want the PIR detection? See the PRE5004ec2

Do you want the end user to be able to adjust the temperature within preset limits? See the PRE5003ec2