The PRE4202-PRM is a mid-range microwave presence/absence detector for the automatic control of lighting, heating and ventilation.

The PRE4202-PRM is a mid-range microwave presence/absence detector for the automatic control of lighting, heating and ventilation. The extended range that a microwave detector provides can enable the unit to replace several traditional PIR detectors. This detector has a low profile design which allows flush mounting into a ceiling tile, or surface mounting using an optional back box (PRE3BB). Its reduced head size makes it unobtrusive to occupants. All timings, light levels, and all other parameters are programmed via the PRE5901 or PRE5903 programming handsets. Once programmed the parameters are fully tamperproof. One handset will program all PRE4201 sensors and a selection of other Prefect products.

PRE4202 options:
DD Digital dimming
AD 1-10v analogue dimming
VFC Volt free contact
PRM Standard detector

  • SUPPLY VOLTAGE 220-240 Volts AC 50Hz LOAD: 10A of lighting and or ventilation including incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, low voltage (switch primary of transformer).
  • Infra-red setup via programming handset
  • TIME OUT PERIOD Adjustable 10 seconds to 99 minutes
  • LIGHT LEVEL Light to Dark
  • MATERIAL Flame retardant ABS, fixing clip polypropylene
  • TYPE Class 2
  • TEMPERATURE -10°C to 35°C