The PRE9200 is a sophisticated yet very simple to use, economical time delay switch, ideal for controlling heaters, lighting or ventilation equipment in areas that are used intermittently and for short periods.

The PRE9200 is a sophisticated yet very simple to use, economical time delay switch, ideal for controlling heaters, lighting or ventilation equipment in areas that are used intermittently and for short periods – such as stock-rooms, bathrooms, showers and toilets. The pull cord delay timer is an extremely versatile unit that can provide a programmable run-back time for as long as a 2 hour burst of heating or run a fan or a light for only 10 minutes. The unit is particularly useful in areas where direct contact with electrical switches is prohibited.

  • Suitable for a variety of environments, particularly ‘wet’ areas – such as bathrooms, shower rooms, WCs etc.
  • Switches loads up to 3kW heaters (16A resistive, 10A incandescent, 6A fluorescent, 3A low energy lighting)
  • 230V AC at 50Hz
  • Live, Neutral, Live output, 230VAC live trigger connections
  • Timing 0-2 hours selectable, longer times available to order.
  • Fits 25mm flush box
  • 4mm² Terminal connections