PRE9275 30A 6.2kW Hob run timer

This Simple to use electronic hob timer is well suited for use in student hall of residence, its’ robust design and large switching capacity make it the sensible choice to avoid any risk of accidental over-heating.

Run-back times can be factory set for either 15 or 30 Minutes at point of ordering, set in the factory and delivered to site, thus removing any concerns of tampering. The display shows that the timer is active, whilst the re-set button allows the user to cancel the program at any time.

  • Available in 15 min Pre-set or 30 min pre-set
  • Separate On Re-set button
  • 230V AC at 50Hz
  • Up to 30Amp capacity (suitable for resistive loads up to 6.2kW)
  • Live, Neutral, switched live output connections
  • 27A resistive, 6A fluorescent, 3A compact fluorescent, 3A low energy lighting
  • 4mm² terminal capacity
  • Please Note: This Prefect product is designed to limit the time the hob is powered on. It does not detect fire or alert if a pan fire occurs, therefore this product does not comply with EN 50615