PRE9276 Hobsafe 30A 6.9kW 1 Gang hob run timer

This Simple to use electronic hob run timer is ideally suited for use in student halls of residence. Its robust design and large switching capacity makes it the sensible choice to avoid any risk of accidental over-heating.
PRE9276 Hobsafe Hob Run Timer

A small price to pay for peace of mind

Prefect Controls are pleased to announce the arrival of a new member to the Hobsafe family, the PRE 9276.

The single gang unit is installed between the Hob and the cooker isolator switch, at a convenient location for those preparing food and ensures that hobs cannot be left on should the cook be distracted.

This version of Hobsafe has the same features as the popular 2 gang versions but is more compact. The units capacity is 30Amps and 15, 20, 30 or 45 minute run-times can be selected during installation. There are both a neutral feed terminal and a neutral output, these large (13.3mm) terminals make fixing easy and quick – eliminating the fiddly issue of doubling up two cables into one terminal.

There are two modes of operation, Fixed – when the timer runs its course, or On/Off – where a second press of the button allows the time-run to be stopped at any point.

Hobsafe is easy to use with simple button operation and clear LED indicators, which are dimmable. When the current time-run is about to expire, the red ‘hob active’ LED will flash to warn that the hob is about to be turned off, giving the operator the opportunity to reset the timer if necessary.

Hobsafe conforms with EN60730 and is moulded in PC/ABS making the timer extremely durable. PC/ABS is fully UV stable and is resistant to cleaning products. A gloss finish overlay allows for easy cleaning.

Prefect controls are also able to install Hobsafe – providing a one stop peace of mind service

for student accommodation managers, safety conscious landlords, and care partners of those living with dementia.

  • 4 Settable run times – 15, 20, 30 or 45
  • Two selectable modes – ON/OFF or Fixed
  • Simple on/off button activation
  • Power and active LED’s
  • Standard single gang fitment
  • Up to 30 Amp (resistive) capacity allowing
    a maximum loading of 6.9kW at 230V
  • Connections – Live supply, Neutral supply,
    load Neutral, Load Live
  • Terminal capacity – Minimum 0.6mm²,
    Maximum 13.2mm² cable size
  • Supply Voltage – 230V AC at 50Hz
  • Conformance – EN60730
  • Please Note: This Prefect product is designed to limit the time the hob is powered on. It does not detect fire or alert if a pan fire occurs, therefore this product does not comply with EN 50615
  • Prefect Direct installation service available, please contact us for a quote