The Problem

Controlling the temperature and hot water for each room using a hotel management program operated at reception

The Solution

The PRE2000 Central Control


Located on the outskirts of Buckingham, the unique architecture of this hotel combines sophisticated facilities with an informal atmosphere. In addition to the hotel’s 70 en suite rooms, there are five conference suites, seven purpose built syndicate rooms, a restaurant with a carvery, bar, lounge, and leisure club with swimming pool, hot tub and gym.

A busy hotel of this size required a robust heating control system which would be environmentally friendly, and very cost efficient. It was also crucial for the solution to this problem to be very easy to control, from a central location within the hotel.

Prefect Control’s experience within the hospitality space meant that the team were quickly able to identify the technology to solve this issue. The PRE2000 central control system was developed and specified to satisfy demanding control requirements whilst avoiding uneconomic costs. It was designed to interface with hotel management software, making the system easy to use, while providing control over each room’s temperature all year round.

Another element of the PRE2000 is that it links into the front-of-house ‘booking system’, enabling the system to anticipate arrivals and raise temperatures in occupied rooms. The PRE2000 took only a short time to set in motion, with no disruption to the smooth working of the hotel. Installation involved no pilot wiring, so final commissioning was completed in just one day.