After 15 years of faithful service by the current 5 series, the ecostat range takes over from where it’s predecessor left off. The previous 5 series range owed it’s success to it’s unique 3 stage temperature and time settings coupled to extremely reliable and rugged hardware.

How did we make it better?
quite simply we built on the success of the original 5 series by utilising it’s 3 strong points, Reliability, simplicity, and of course energy saving whilst keeping the room occupant comfortable. Through our experience in the industry and listing to our customers positive and negative views of the 5 series range to find how we could improve upon the last design. We have engineered the new thermostat to be just as tough as the original series whilst keeping the costs low and quality high. We have also simplified the user interface even more, simply giving the occupant 2 buttons, warmer or cooler. Our customers would frequently ask if we produced a volt free contact version of the 5 series for use with boilers, unfortunately the original 5 series range did not include a volt free contact option, on the new ecostat range with have incorporated into the design of all ecostat models the choice between mains switching or a volt free contact option in one unit. to further increase the functionality of the ecostat range we have added a clock function, the “ec” versions of the ecostat range include a clock function, two timed events can be programmed to occur twice a day, automatically entering the thermostat into boost mode at the required time. To further increase the ecostats energy saving potential, the room occupant now has the option of turning the unit down to either the setback temperature or the frost temperature. the PRE9700 has been added as part of the ecostat range to allow the heating load to be disconnected upon a window or door being opened.

As for programming the thermostats, we have again built on the success of the PRE9500 programming handset. The infra-red programming was a strong point of the range, the new ecostat utilizes the same technology but updated to meet current technologies, this includes the use of a new programming handset the PRE5901. The PRE5901 handset has been designed with a large screen, numeric keypad, small form factor improving upon it’s predecessor. Infra-red transmitting power has also been improved over the PRE5900 this ensures the new PRE5901 is easier and more consistent to use.

To further improve the robust build of the original 5 series, the new ecostat range utilises a new abs fascia and high strength buttons. A new front overlay made form durable polycarbonate ensures the graphics are protected and will not rub of other time. The overlays utilise high strength 3M adhesive ensuring the overlays are held firm for many years to come. the Overlay is recessed into the moulding of the facia providing a crisp clean finish, furthermore this endures that the edges of the overlay cannot be lifted from the surface of the moulding.

To avoid injury and to prevent damage to the ecostat the PCB is now fully encapsulated, an abs rear cover completely covers the electronics exposing only the connection terminal block thus making servicing and installation safer as well as ensuring no damage occurs to the unit when fixed.

The mains connection terminal has been upgraded to a rising carriage type of terminal allowing for easier, quicker installation whilst providing a safer connection.

The all New ecostat range improves upon the existing range. This included both the strong and weaker points of the existing 5 series, creating what we believe to be a very complete and valuable product that can suit a variety of environments whilst ensuring easy operation while keeping energy costs low.

The New cleverly simple ecostat range from Prefect Controls.

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