The Problem

Controlling the temperature and hot water for each room using a hotel management program operated at reception

The Solution

The PRE2000 Central Control


The Nare Hotel is the perfect, luxurious retreat for the discerning customer. Located on the stunning Cornish coastline, this is a popular destination for holiday-makers all year round. The beautiful views and comfortable surroundings make this an appealing destination for a variety of guests. As the hotel is open and busy all year round, it became apparent that it needed a temperature regulating system which would be easy to control in order to keep the building as energy and cost efficient as possible.

Prefect Controls’ experience in the hospitality and student residential markets proved invaluable on this project. The expert team had a deep insight into the high expectations of heating and hotel water systems from an end user perspective, as well as a clear understanding of the of managing operating costs.

Working closely with the client and maintenance engineer, Prefect Controls chose to install the PRE2000 control system. This system was chosen as it would satisfy the demanding control requirements while avoiding uneconomic cost. This series was also designed to interface with hotel management software, making the system easy to use while providing control over temperatures and time profiles all year round.

The PRE2000 was also linked to the front-of-house booking program, enabling the system to anticipate arrivals and raise temperatures to comfortable levels in occupied rooms, and lower them to ‘set-back’ mode when vacant. The connection to the booking program took only a short time to establish, with no disruption to the smooth working of the hotel.