Goldney Court

 The Problem

Poor control of space and water heating

The Solution

Prefectirus, room controllers and water heater controls


Set in the heart of Bristol, Goldney Hall overlooks the Cumberland Basin and is just a few minutes walk from the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Avon Gorge. Built in 1969 this all electric heated site boasts 269 student rooms set in the delightful grounds of Goldney House. In late 2013 Bristol University approached Prefect controls with a view to reducing energy consumption on site. After an initial meeting with the Prefect technical team, it was clear that the Prefect irus central system would be the best choice to achieve the level of savings and control the university required. However the challenge laid down to Prefect was to supply and install the complete system together with the room heaters and install it over the two week Christmas holiday period! Being a company that likes a challenge! Prefect agreed, and the installation began in earnest in late December 2013 and was handed back fully commissioned in early January 2014. The irus systems unique powerline communication protocol made installation quick and easy with rooms completed in less than 45 minutes and ready to hand back. Water heating was also tackled with the irus system taking control of the 29 existing hot water tanks. The university now has the ability to monitor and control in real time both space and water heating from anywhere in the world! Energy cost reductions followed as the systems unique ability to control individual rooms and hot water tanks made an immediate impact, with the systems ability to take account of the DUoS periods to further reduce costs.