YMCA Foyers

The Problem

To provide afordable heating

The Solution

Dual Tariff control using the PRE5003 and PRE5502 inconjuction with an Atlantic direct acting electric panel heaterrol


The YMCA Foyer concept has been adopted throughout the country, and is intended to provide good quality, affordable accommodation for young people who have left home and need a stable platform from which to set out and obtain that all-important first job opportunity. Well equipped study and IT facilities are on hand in a friendly and secure environment. The YMCA encourages self-sufficiency and the residents pay their own energy costs except for background heating which is included within the weekly rent. To reinforce the feeling of independence and responsibility, rooms are all self-contained and fitted with a basic kitchen and en-suite bathroom. Being non-profit making the YMCA have to keep strict control over costs, so before embarking on plans for new Foyers like the one pictured, Prefect worked closely with the YMCA management to understand the heating needs of a building with this specific type of occupation. Temperatures, occupation times and usage patterns of rooms were monitored individually, all of which provided invaluable insight into the way such a building operates. A number of energy control strategies were tried through one winter and the final solution agreed was a two pronged approach, the first was to install a Prefect PRE5502 tamper proof thermostat feed and paid for from the landlords supply thus ensuring that the room temperature would not fall below 18°C. The second was the fitting of a Prefect PRE5003 energy thermostat that would allow the tenant to control their own heating range from the base point of 18°C but only to a fixed maximum of 22°C this secondary thermostat is fed through the tenants card meter reinforcing self-sufficiency.